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Choral Music & CDs

ANCIENT PARTNERS  – Choral Music of Raymond Egan – CD


  • St. John’s Day Psalm – SATB Choir and Soloist, Piano, Bass, & Drums
  • Aurora – SATB Choir
  • Epiphany Hymn – for SATB Choir, Female and Male Soloists, and Piano, Bass, & Drums
  • Epiphany Collect – for SSATB Choir, two Soloists (one non-improvising, the other improvising) Keyboard, Organ, Bass, & Drums
  • The Last Leviathan – SATB Choir. words/music by Andy Barnes, choral arrangement by Raymond Egan
  • Invocation At Headwaters – A Choral Scene for SATB Choir, Jazz Soloist and Jazz Rhythm Section: First Worlders have had enough of their current way of life and what it has done to the planet: at Headwaters Forest in Northern California, the scene of clearcutting of ancient redwood forests, they invoke the wisdom of folk sage, John Chapman [ aka Johnny Appleseed ] and he appears!
  • True Rose – SATB Choir and organ
  • Education In Music – for Two Soloists, cello, bass, and piano
  • i thank You God  SATB Choir and Piano. [ also available as SSA]
  • The Inescapable Conclusion – SATB Choir and Piano, Bass, and Drums – the Choir tells of life’s unlikeliness and preciousness